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Our mission: to create, distribute and sell all natural, toxic-free beauty products using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients, with no harmful chemicals.

Our Philosophy

Leave everything natural

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Indulge in an array of natural skincare treatments. From decadent body scrubs to luscious cupcake bath bombs, each formulation is made fresh upon ordering. Treat yourself to a natural experience guaranteed to nourish your body, soul & spirit!

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On a more personal note…

Karen (the founder of KOYA) lost her mom to an incurable cancer. Desperately trying to help her mother, what she discovered was the shocking truth. By the time a woman has prepped herself for the day, she has already been exposed to at least 200 harmful chemicals. Enlightened with these disturbing truths, she started experimenting in the kitchen using only all-natural, pure ingredients. After years of trial & error and testing on live human beings KOYA was born…